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The Season of Growth Part 1 - Find yourself in lock down

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Shared Inspiration shares with you here inspirations and resources - found through experience and research. These may be useful to you in your continuing journey to ‘being the leader of your own life’.

‘’ Accept yourself as you are right now; an imperfect, changing, growing and worthy person"

Denis Waitley

The Season of Growth Part 1

During lockdown you may be finding there is a lot of stuff out there about what new hobbies to take up and how to be even more productive...

This is not about that....

Instead, how would it be during this period if you could:

  • powerfully accept yourself as you are

  • achieve stillness and peace

  • know and understand yourself and others even better

It may be that you are at home by yourself, or with others. A key factor in becoming peaceful with this period is about how well you relate to yourself - and others during this time.

Recognise, grow and develop into your own unique core strengths, gifts and talents.

Discover more about human nature by exploring your Enneagram type.

The Enneagram is a profound and comprehensive system for understanding ourselves and others. This personality system combines modern psychology and ancient wisdoms to understand human nature with new depth and clarity.

Learning this powerful knowledge may help you to become more peaceful with aspects of your life during lockdown - by further developing your emotional intelligence (EQ), increasing your self-awareness and improving your relationship with yourself and others.

Stuffocation - James Wallman

In this easy-to-read and fascinating book Suzanne Stabile explores the 9 Enneagram personality types.

She suggests that most of us don’t realise that not everyone thinks, behaves and processes their experience in the same way.

Knowledge of how different personality types behave and respond to experiences, such as lockdown, is especially helpful in relationships – with partners, friends or in our professional lives.

Suzanne Stabile takes us on a personal growth journey – in which you gain greater insights about yourself and your behaviours and that of other key people in your life. With greater understanding, knowledge, wisdom and compassion gained this can lead to healthier, more life-giving relationships.

For more information:

Watch this video about different Enneagram personality types responding to the quarantine...

Take the quick Enneagram test

...and begin to identify and explore your personality type and become more self aware.

The quick test is found by typing Riso-Hudson Enneagram quick test V2 in your browser. This takes you to

Next steps for you

Why not take advantage of one hour of free coaching with a Shared Inspiration coach who believes in you- an opportunity to share what you find out about yourself and talk about what you can do with that new knowledge in lock down and in the future

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