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The mission of Shared Inspiration is ‘Helping people help people wherever they are ’.

Shared Inspiration is committed to supporting people to be well, thrive and flourish

We do this through bespoke training that is designed to match the identified needs of you and your organisation.


Our range of engaging courses are created and provided by our expert training designers to ensure the further growth of individuals, teams and whole organisations.

Here are some of the courses, examples, testimonials as well as the benefits that can be gained from having them in your organisation.

Shared Inspiration course titles include:

  • The Reflective Practitioner and Organisational Growth

  • Staff Wellness, resilience, transition and change - manage yourself  well in this time

  • GROW Coaching Model - using coaching to effect change

  • State management

  • The Excellent Communications model

  • Communicate to Influence and Inspire – Talk like Ted

  • The Circle of Excellence

  • Change Leadership and Management

  • Positive Leadership and Management 

  • Creating and and managing high performing teams

  • Be well, thrive and flourish

  • Resilience – settling and grounding

  • How to create your perfect day

Shared Inspiration also offer bespoke courses to meet your needs

Example - Staff wellness, transition and change. Manage yourself well during this time

This course is designed to support people by learning how to successfully manage themselves, and by extension others, during times of transition and change.  

Through attending this course you will:

  • Achieve greater peace and calm 

  • Experience daily therapeutic practices for wellness 

  • Personalise your transition back into the workplace

During this training you will experience:•

  • Engaging activities to explore your state – your wholeness of being 

  • Practical demonstrations and activities in therapeutic practices for wellness 

  • Further ways to boost your resilience and ability to transition back into your workplace

Here's what our clients have said about this course -

"I found the stuff on ‘States’ of mind really interesting and thought-provoking – and it will help me going forwards"

"I feel now that I will be able to manage and support others through stressful situations – Needed the ‘Stimulus to Response ‘reminder!"

"Really enjoyed the training and made me think about a lot of things about how I react to things and that I let others influence my actions rather than being me."

"Found the training very useful with some new techniques to learn.  Each section was well planned and delivered really well.""

Example Staff Wellness
Example - The GROW coaching model

The GROW coaching model has been around for some time and was created by Sir John Whitmore around 1992 when he published his book Coaching for Performance.  A simple yet elegant format it is easily adopted and integrated into the way that people managers support their staff, and also how everyone has constructive conversations. 

Through attending this GROW Coaching Model training, you will:

  • Answer the big question – ‘What is coaching?’

  • Discover how and when to use coaching to strengthen yourself and others  

  • Explore the useful coaching model called GROW  

  • Consider how coaching could be used best to support transition back into the workplace


During this training you will experience:•

  • Engaging activities to understand the difference between coaching, therapy, and mentoring •

  • Practise the GROW method of effective coaching 

  • Plan for a well-formed outcome for yourself in your return to the workplace 

  • Go forward in supportive peer coaching pairs/triads to ensure that you are robust in your return to the workplace

Here's what our clients have said about this course - 

Over the past number of years Joan has provided effective training for our staff here at the school.  This has been instrumental in helping them understand what coaching is and its value within the workplace as well as helping staff apply coaching theory to practice. 

As a result staff:

-have become more creative and optimistic

-feel more positive and confident about change

-think more clearly about things

-recognize and appreciate skills

-feel valued and listened to

-are confident to share skills and good practice.

Benefits for you

Join us for some Shared Inspiration training and you will learn how to:

  • Be the leader of your own life

  • Manage your state even more effectively and achieving your desired outcomes

  • Be even more productive – Making small changes that give maximum impact for you

  • Further develop your self-awareness and understanding others even better

  • Enhance your relationships – personal and professional

  • Accelerate your personal and professional development

  • Identify your strengths and making the best use of them to achieve your individual and organisational priorities

  • Enjoy learning even more about making the most of being in the present moment – thrive and flourish

  • Powerfully applying your gifts, skills and talents to realise even greater wisdom and understanding in your own life

  • Create high performing teams 

Course options - three levels to choose

Our interactive and transformative courses can be experienced with pre and post course options which are designed to enhance and embed the learning

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Core course content

Interactive learning activities

Support materials

Further learning signposts

Guest experts(s)

Assessment and certification (when required)

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Pre-course activity

Post-course activity

Personal skills audit - identify your development needs against the course skills that will be delivered

Full evaluation of learning retention report

1 hour group session to embed the learning

Learning Needs Analysis session

In depth analysis of the learning needs of your staff to create a bespoke learning experience

Signposting to pre learning (videos, reading, research etc)

Get ready to learn by starting your Shared Inspiration Personal Development plan

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Total investment




An additional investment of £525

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 3 Only

Course levels


Our clients include schools, Academy Trusts and Businesses who find that the support provided by Shared Inspiration empowers them to make small changes that give maximum impact.


Tools and techniques shared have been used to impact on individual and organisational growth, including improving communications, confidence, relationships, performance management and effective leadership and management of change.


Not sure what service is right for you? Just get in touch - we'd love to talk to you and help guide you to the perfect option.

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