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COVID-19 Staff Recovery Program

The effects of the pandemic in 2020 has been felt across the globe. 

Shared Inspiration is offering support to those who need it in this trying time. 

Shared Inspiration is committed to supporting you to be well, thrive and flourish, wherever you are, especially in this troubling and uncertain time. To achieve this we have a variety of services to meet your needs.


Shared Inspiration will enable you to experience even more balance, peace, calm and impact in your life and work.

The COVID-19 Staff Recovery Program is Shared Inspiration's offering to help businesses and individuals alike.


Each part of the program is also offered as separate elements for those businesses or individuals who would prefer single elements. 

Through experiential and interactive learning in addition to providing strategies to live a balanced life that manages transition and change you can benefit from our COVID-19 Staff Recovery Program.

Covid 19 Staff
Recovery Program

Shared Inspiration supports leaders, managers, organisations and individuals in two main ways during this time:

Firstly - To be able to manage themselves and others well in this challenging and continuing Covid 19 context and

Secondly - To be resilient and move forward doing their daily work effectively during Covid 19 and beyond 

Shared Inspiration has a Three Part Recovery Program that creates an effective and sustainable way to support your staff  which includes:

  • Transformative Coaching - 1 free coaching session for nominated members of staff

  • 'The Manage yourself well in this time' resilience training Course

  • The 'GROW Model' training course to effect change for both themselves and others

One senior education leader in Bradford said:

"Shared Inspiration have supported us to understand our different states and anxieties at this present time. Less than 2 hours after our latest session I was able to draw upon my learning and put into practice their techniques to help regulate a learner who had gone into crisis. We will continue to  apply this understanding to the people in our teams so that we are better equipped to support individuals to ensure there is a continuation of excellent provision, even though the situation with Covid is changing daily and we are in and out of bubbles isolating, lockdowns and a genuine fear of what will happen next.

Shared Inspiration also offers a Coaching Subscription Plan which compliments the Covid 19 Staff Recovery program with a package of additional coaching hours to suit the needs of you and your team

Covid recovery program
Manage Yourself Well In
This Time Training Course

We offer you transformative training to support staff transition back into the workplace. Through attending this Staff wellness, resilience, transition and change training you will:  

  • Achieve greater peace and calm 

  • Experience daily therapeutic practices for wellness 

  • Personalise your transition back into the workplace 

During this training you will experience: 

  • Engaging activities to explore your state – your wholeness of being

  • Practical demonstrations and activities in therapeutic practices for wellness

  • Further ways to boost your resilience and ability to transition back into your workplace  

Shared Inspiration supports you to be confident and self-assured. This empowers you to  reach your desired outcomes by making small changes for maximum impact in your life  and work.  

Find greater peace, pleasure and purpose in your life and work through attending this  training provided by Shared Inspiration expert training designers, who believe in you. This training takes place over one day or over two half days and can be provided face to  face or in virtual groups.  

Manage Yourself Well
GROW Model
Training Course

Through attending this GROW Coaching Model training, you will:  

  • Answer the big question – ‘What is coaching?’  

  • Discover how and when to use coaching to strengthen yourself and others  

  • Explore the useful coaching model called GROW  

  • Consider how coaching could be used best to support transition back into the workplace  

During this training you will: 

  • Engage in activities to understand the difference between coaching, therapy, and mentoring

  • Practise the GROW method of effective coaching  

  • Plan for a well-formed outcome for yourself in your return to the workplace

  • Go forward in supportive peer coaching pairs/triads to ensure that you are robust in your  return to the workplace  

Shared Inspiration supports you to be confident and self-assured. This empowers you to  reach your desired outcomes by making small changes for maximum impact in your life and work.  Be well, thrive and flourish in your life and work through attending this Staff Training - GROW  Coaching Model training provided by Shared Inspiration expert training designers, who believe in you. Participants receive a Shared Inspiration Certificate in GROW Coaching Practice. 

This training takes place over one day or over two half days and can be provided face to face or in  virtual groups. 

GROW Model
Transformative Coaching

The emphasis is always on empowering you to reach your desired outcomes and make the changes you want in your life and work.  Shared Inspiration support you by:

  • Matching you to a coach who is experienced and qualified 

  • Establishing your context 

  • Coaching needs analysis

  • Starting with the end in mind – your ‘well-formed outcome’ 

  • Setting your desirable outcomes 

  • Sharing a wide variety of tools and techniques for excellence

  • ‘State’ management and behaviour change 

  • Mental rehearsal – inner resilience 

  • The Enneagram – 9 personality types – become even more aware of yourself and others 

  • Deepen your self-awareness and become even more ‘present’ 

The COVID-19 Staff Recovery Program includes 1 coaching session per delegate

Transformative Coaching
Benefits for you

Through Shared Inspiration COVID-19 Staff Recovery Program you will have the opportunity to benefit from: 

  • Being the leader of your own life 

  • Managing your state even more effectively

  • Being even more productive

  • Making small changes that give maximum impact

  • Further developing your self-awareness

  • Understanding others even better 

  • Enhancing your relationships – personal and professional

  • Accelerating your development 

  • Identifying your strengths and making the best use of them

  • Enjoying learning even more – thrive and flourish 

  • Powerfully applying your gifts, skills and talents

  • Realising even greater wisdom and understanding in your own life 

  • Creating high performing teams 

Learn more about how you can benefit from the Recovery Program by booking a call with Shared Inspiration below.


Clients find that support provided by Shared Inspiration empowers them to make small changes that give maximum impact.


Tools and techniques shared have been used to impact on individual and organisational growth, including improving communications, confidence, relationships, performance management and effective leadership and management of change.


Not sure what service is right for you? Just get in touch - we'd love to talk to you and help guide you to the perfect option.

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