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Transformative Coaching

The mission of Shared Inspiration is ‘Helping people help people wherever they are ’.

Shared Inspiration is committed to supporting you to be well, thrive and flourish. 
We offer personalised coaching for you, tailored to your needs and desired outcomes in four key areas.


Experience even more balance, peace, calm and impact in your life and work.

As your advocates as we will encourage you to perform even better and create maximum impact in all areas of your life and work.

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Coaching Balance

Is your life currently -

  • out of balance?

  • too busy to enjoy?

  • rushing by rapidly?

  • something that happens while you are busy doing something else?

Shared Inspiration helps you to notice what’s working well and discover how to reset the balance. Create more enjoyment, fulfilment, peace and purpose. Improve your overall wellness and balance with an experienced and qualified Shared Inspiration coach who believes in you.

We are very pleased to offer you one free coaching session to start your journey.

What our clients say about us -

Utilities Manager, Bradford

Patrick has given me some amazing tools to shape and really consider rounded, best in-class decisions…Through his amazing skills and the toolkit he has helped me to look at and shape my plan in a holistic way that considered multiple dimensions , impacts and allowed me to shape my plan to maximise the positive benefits for me, my family, my work-life balance… His calm and inquisitive nature meant I could be just open, honest and challenge myself more than I would have done on my own.


Your investment  


The first hour of coaching is free

1 hour of subsequent coaching is £75

Buy 5 hours in advance at a discounted £360 or 10 sessions for £700

Coaching Transitions & Change

Are you currently experiencing - 


  • A life transition?

  • A return to work?

  • Approaching retirement?

  • Job loss and/or career change?

  • An urgent need for new direction?

Shared Inspiration supports you to be confident and self-assured.  Plan your course, find your new direction, get to where you want to be. Find greater peace, pleasure and purpose in your life, with the support of a qualified, experienced Shared Inspiration coach who believes in you.

We are very pleased to offer you one free coaching session to start your journey.


What our clients say about us - 


Outdoor Adventures Trainer, Canada

With my recent transition to working and being at home and then transitioning back into the
workplace – Shared Inspiration helped me to see the potential in this new way of living and working.
I haven’t experienced this kind of work-life balance before; I feel empowered to be productive and
peaceful in my work whilst exploring new avenues in music, art and physical activity out-of-work. All
from taking a more open-minded approach to the different sub-environments and spaces within my
home and workplace. Thank you!

Your Investment 

The first hour of coaching is free

1 hour of subsequent coaching is £75

Buy 5 hours in advance at a discounted £360 or 10 sessions for £700

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Executive and Management Coaching
  • What motivates you?

  • What drives you every-day to succeed?

  • Why do you do what you do - and how do you do that?

  • What are your key strengths?

In exchange for one hour of your time, you have the opportunity to find out more about what makes you good at what at what you do, why and how do you do that.


And when you have this awareness -  What else could be possible for you?

Book your introductory hour and experience the benefits of knowing your Why, What, How and What else is possible?

Benefits to you:
• Powerfully connect with and become more aware of yourself
• Achieve even more enjoyment and fulfilment in your work and life
• Enhance business and personal relationships
• Lead and manage high performing teams
• Make small changes that give maximum impact


What our clients say about us - 


Director, Academy Trust
I look forward to each and every coaching conversation with Patrick. He listens attentively and
is highly skilled in asking open questions that help me to clarify my thinking. Patrick’s manner is
calm, reassuring and non-judgemental and this helps me to be open and share my strengths and
development areas with him. Patrick supports me to work through my issues, believes in me and empowers me to make the changes.

Your investment

The first hour of coaching is free

Executive Leadership and Management coaching - £150 per hour

You can buy 5 session in advance at a discounted £700 or 10 sessions for £1,400

Leadership and Management Coaching - £125 per hour

You can buy 5 session in advance at a discounted £600 or 10 sessions for £1,125

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Career Progression
and Support

Shared Inspiration Coaches offer highly effective support to help you to get the job you want or to move forward in your career.


Using tried and tested, highly successful methods Shared Inspiration achieve remarkable results in helping people secure the next work role/ position they are looking for.

What support can you expect?

  • Reviewing your application

  • Reviewing your CV

  • Preparing for interview – identifying the questions you are likely to be asked

  • Practice for the interview – preparing your answers to likely questions

  • Confidence building

What our clients say about us


Outdoor Adventures Instructor and Physio- clinic worker, Canada


Coaching has helped me, over a number of years, to thrive and perform my absolute best at interviews and in each job as a result. How it helped me:


- Applying and getting noticed 

Knowing where to start when writing an application and/or cover letter can be daunting. This method have me a clear structure, guidance and support to create coherent documents that directly related to the job description/person specification.


- Optimum preparation 

After extensive preparation, I have always felt confident and ready to share my carefully crafted and well-rehearsed answers. This helps massively in feeling ready and knowing you will always have something relevant to say.


- Smashing the interview! 

Being well-prepared means I've always felt excited to attend and perform my best at interview. I've often felt "flow"-like experiences, being able to weave in my answers where appropriate and settle into the interview process knowing I have plenty to say on the questions they will ask me.


- Reflecting on the interview / being prepared for any outcome 

Support post-interview, having time and space to reflect on how it played out and knowing you did yourself proud helps with preparing for any outcome. In the end if I didn't get a job I went for, I knew it would probably be more likely that the job wasn't the right one for me rather than the other way around.


- Tools for success that can be repeated time and time again

This model has worked for me in preparing and securing a wide range of jobs - Healthcare Assistant, Bar Staff, PE Technician, Admin Assistant, PE & Performing Arts Teacher to name a few. The great thing about the tried and tested method is that it can be applied and adapted to any context.


Thanks Joan for your continued help in enabling me to keep progressing in my career! 

Your investment

The first hour of coaching is free

1 hour of subsequent coaching is £125

You can buy 5 session in advance for a discounted £600 or 10 sessions for £1,125

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How do Shared Inspiration coaches help you?
  • Matching you to a coach who is experienced and qualified

  • Establishing your context

  • Coaching needs analysis

  • Starting with the end in mind – your ‘well-formed outcome’

  • Setting your desirable outcomes

  • Sharing a wide variety of tools and techniques for excellence

  • ‘State’ management and behaviour change

  • Mental rehearsal – inner resilience

  • The Enneagram – 9 personality types – become even more aware of yourself and others

  • Deepen your self-awareness and become even more ‘present’


Clients find that support provided by Shared Inspiration empowers them to make small changes that give maximum impact.


Tools and techniques shared have been used to impact on individual and organisational growth, including improving communications, confidence, relationships, performance management and effective leadership and management of change.


Not sure what service is right for you? Just get in touch - we'd love to talk to you and help guide you to the perfect option.

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