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A shared vision is not an idea - it is rather a force in people's hearts and minds.

At it's simplest level, a shared vision is the answer to the question

'What do we want to create?'

How Shared Inspiration builds and maintains effective relationships  

Shared Inspiration is experienced in building and maintaining relationships with individuals and teams through:

  • An initial introductory meeting 

  • Needs Analysis – establishing your context and starting points 

  • Contracting –agreeing terms of reference 

  • Confidentiality 

  • Rapport –active listening, positive body language and effective questioning 

  • A variety of inspiring tools and techniques 

  • Personalising coaching/supervision/training to meet your individual needs 

  • Bringing the Shared Inspiration core values – inclusion, equality and diversity  

  • Regular reviews of the coaching/ supervision/training and adjustments

Our Team


Proud suppliers to Bradford City Council



Joan is qualified and experienced in coaching individuals and Senior Leaders in Business, Education, Health, Social Care and Charitable organisations. She has high-level coaching skills. 

Her coaching is underpinned by a breadth and depth of skills, knowledge and experience in Education, Business and Charity roles including Joan Haines Coaching and Consultancy, Achievement Coach (Achievement for All), School Improvement Consultant, Ofsted Inspector, Strategic Leader Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, Head of Sensory Services, Teacher, Coach, Trainer, Mentor and Supervisor. 

Joan is gifted and intuitive in coaching, supervision and training – she is a qualified International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA) Master Practitioner and Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a qualified Multi-braining Integration Techniques Coach ( mBIT). She has an MA in Leadership and Management and National Professional Qualification for Headship. This means that she brings a wide range of skills and experiences to provide a supportive framework for coaching, supervision and training – helping people through empowering them, developing further creativity, positivity and finding ways forward to achieve their dreams and desired outcomes. 

Joan works impactfully and sensitively with individuals and teams enabling them to thrive, flourish and relate even better together, making sure everyone enjoys the journey.



Patrick is an International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA) Master Practitioner with 15 years of experience as a leader in the Utilities industry. Patrick skilfully and effectively provides life-changing coaching for individuals, including those wishing to start up in business.


He has a special gift for supporting families and is currently providing regular coaching to enhance the life experience of young people and parents/carers. Patrick has a gift and a passion for coaching. He is very creative and this means that he is highly skilled in helping people to find solutions and ways forward.


He is always positive- thinking and sees opportunities for others to empower them and help them to make desired changes in their lives. He is a skilled practitioner of Mindfulness meditation and readily shares these skills, to assist others in being more fully ‘in the moment’. Patrick’s coaching enables people to understand their strengths, further develop their confidence and gain clarity about actions and life-directions. 






Joan worked with three Senior Leadership Teams within the Interaction, Communication Academy Trust (ICAT) providing one to one coaching and ‘High Performing Teams’ training for Senior Leaders.

‘Joan provided excellent training using a range of activities and strategies which engaged the diverse team and supported them to reflect and challenged them to develop their understanding. Joan’s approach is facilitative and empowering and this was particularly effective in supporting the team to manage a period of significant change over the last 3 years in the school’  


Principal, High Park School, Bradford 



Patrick worked with this person to support them in starting up their own business.

‘Patrick has given me some amazing tools to shape and really consider rounded, best in-class decisions. I wanted to set up my own business and had some good but loose plans. Through his amazing skills and the toolkit he has helped me to look at and shape my plan in a holistic way that considered multiple dimensions, impacts and allowed me to shape my plan to maximise the positive benefits for me, my family, my work-life balance, my customers and the success of my business. His calm and inquisitive nature meant I could be just open, honest and challenge myself more than I would have done on my own’

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