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COVID-19 Staff Recovery Program

The mission of Shared Inspiration is ‘Helping people help people wherever they are ’.

Recently, many teams across the UK are trying to cope with working within limitations of the Coronavirus pandemic.  


You probably know people who have struggled to juggle working from home, home schooling or who are unsure about returning to work after being furloughed? Or you know someone who has returned to the workplace and is fearful or anxious about the plethora of measures that we have to put in place due to Covid.


Which is why Shared Inspiration have recently launched our new ‘Manage yourself well in this time’; a Covid 19 Staff Recovery Program.

The program is designed to give leaders, managers and members of their teams, the tools to develop resilience, reframe this time and learn how to enjoy working happily individually or in groups in these challenging times.

This is a three-part program delivered through highly engaging, ‘brain-friendly’ accelerated learning activities. Each part of the program combines to provide experiential and interactive learning using strategies to live a balanced life that manages transition and change. The three parts are: 

Learn more about the COVID-19 Staff Recovery Program by reading the overview and pricing document below. 


One senior leader in Bradford said:

‘"Shared Inspiration have supported us to understand our different states and anxieties at this present time. Less than 2 hours after our latest session I was able to draw upon my learning and put into practice their techniques to help regulate a learner who had gone into crisis. We will continue to  apply this understanding to the people in our teams so that we are better equipped to support individuals to ensure there is a continuation of excellent provision, even though the situation with Covid is changing daily and we are in and out of bubbles isolating, lockdowns and a genuine fear of what will happen next.”

Through taking part in Shared Inspiration Covid 19 Recovery Program for Staff you will benefit from:


  • Designing your own personalised Covid 19 Recovery Plan

  • Managing your mental, physical and emotional state even more effectively

  • Learning how to make small changes that give maximum impact

  • Deepening your self-awareness and resilience

  • Enhancing your relationships

  • Accelerating your personal and professional development

  • Identifying your strengths and achieving your individual and organisational priorities

  • Enjoying learning even more about making the most of this time

  • Powerfully applying your gifts, skills and talents to realise even greater leadership


Why take part in this Shared Inspiration Covid 19 Recovery program ?


  • Powerfully connect even more with yourself - look after yourself

  • Enjoy working happily individually and in groups going forward

  • Role- model what resilience looks like

  • Help others to be even more robust

Learn more about how you can benefit from the Recovery Program by booking a call with Shared Inspiration below.

Learn more about Shared Inspiration

Directed by Joan Haines and Jacci Wright, Shared Inspiration provides transformative one to one lifestyle and management coaching, supervision, training, consultancy and career progression support. 

Joan is qualified and experienced in coaching individuals and Senior Leaders in Business, Education, Health, Social Care and Charitable organisations.  Her high-level coaching is underpinned by a breadth and depth of skills, knowledge and experience in Education, Business and Charity roles including Joan Haines Coaching and Consultancy, Achievement Coach (Achievement for All), School Improvement Consultant, Ofsted Inspector, Strategic Leader Special Educational Needs and Disabilities, Head of Sensory Services, Teacher, Coach, Trainer, Mentor and Supervisor. 

Jacci is an International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA) Master Practitioner and Trainer with over 30 years of Retail Banking experience.  With a solid background of working in a corporate leadership environment, Jacci knows what it is like to be in a fast paced, budget and time constrained leadership role.  Her coaching career began as she led a mortgage sales team in a contact centre. Supported by her NLP training Jacci soon acquired a reputation for bringing out the best in her team and coaching for success.

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