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How to practice Daily renewal of the mind - resources

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

To support your growth and personal development by realising the benefits of renewing you mind daily, Shared Inspiration has found these learning resources and is pleased to share them with you. Renew your mind daily using three simple steps, feed your mind, free your mind and focus your mind. These are covered in detail here.

There are recommended books, articles and websites, videos, apps and breathing techniques to kick start your learning.

If you have yet to read our blogs on this topic then get a brew and dive right in here.

We also have blogs on Flexibility, Motivation, Resilience, In Flow, Habits, Managing your energy, Ikigai - so much to explore!

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If you love a good personal development book then here is some recommended reading on the subject that we have found useful and we hope you will too.


  • Mind your life: How mindfulness can build you resilience and find your extraordinary

Meg Salter, 2017

  • Mindfulness in eight weeks

Michael Chaskalson, 2014

Thought Management, Meditation and Happiness

  • Happiness: A guide to developing life's most important skill

Matthieu Ricard, 2007

  • Happiness by design: Finding pleasure and purpose in everyday life

Paul Dolan, 2015


Articles and websites:

These articles and websites have lots of useful information that will satisfy your curiosity and support your learning on this subject

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Articles and videos about mental wellness:



Watching a video is a quick and efficient way to learn more about a subject, so here we have found some that are really useful and our clients agree!


Mental Wellness Apps

There are lots of ways to access support with Mental Health. These are some that are available to download onto your Smart Phone so you always have help at hand

Far from being a substitute for therapy, mental health apps have gained a place in today’s culture of wanting help here and now. They are often seen as an adjunct to counselling and an introduction or a ‘step in the right direction’. If nothing else, they offer a way of gaining better strategies to managing stress.


Breathing techniques

Just the act of breathing differently is helpful in renewing your mind every day. These breathing techniques are easy to use and really make a difference.


Don’t delay – keep your mind learning, growing and developing !!

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