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Resources about Resilience in Continuing Lockdown

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Resilience is about having an ability to ‘bounce’, be flexible, be responsive, be able to adapt and overcome adversity - responding to situations and circumstances in ways that assist you and those around you to move on. Resilience might be summarised as navigating life’s stresses and bouncing forwards … being an overcomer and getting over obstacles and hurdles

Find out more about Resilience


1. Diane L Couto, 2010 - On Managing Yourself, Harvard Business Review, How resilience works, pg 47-60

2. Caroline Webb, 2017 - How to Have a Good Day, pg 247-276

3. Colin Espie, 2012 - Overcoming sleep problems and insomnia


1. Resilience expert and researcher, Jurie Rossouw

2. Resilience across the UK in the coronavirus pandemic

3. Eight secrets to a (fairly) fulfilled life, Oliver Burkman, The Guardian


Ted Talk:

3 Secrets of resilient people, Lucy Hone

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