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How to create your perfect day

Perfect days quite often happen by accident.  And everything about a perfect day is just that - perfect. 


So how would it be if you could create your perfect day whenever you wanted to? Well, it is possible, and when you join this course you learn what it takes to make your day perfect.

Come and spend a perfect 2 hours with us learning how to create your next perfect day.

"It's such a perfect day - I'd like to spend it with you" Lou Reed

2 hour course 

Venues and Dates TBC

Maximum 12 places available

Communicate to Influence
and Inspire

Have you noticed that people who can "get stuff done" are often those who can influence and inspire others?  That somehow, they have the ability to communicate with purpose and ease, bringing others along with them and leaving a legacy for others to follow?

This course explores the key attributes that make this way of communicating with others simple and easy to adopt into your own personal and work life.

"If you just communicate you can get by. But, if you communicate skillfully, you can work miracles" Jim Rohn

2 hour course 

Venues and Dates TBC

Maximum 12 places available

See your way to success

Have you ever been held back from doing something because you believe you can't? Have you ever missed an opportunity or ducked out of something because a previous experience has put you off? Why is it that others can do it and yet, somehow, even though you are no different in capability, you can't?

So what makes the difference?  Learn how to see your way to success using your imagination - it's how the most successful people in this world think and is the key to unlocking your potential and taking control of your life choices.

To quote Henry Ford " If you think you can or you think you can't, you are probably right"

2 hour course 

Venues and Dates TBC

Maximum 12 places available

How to have a useful mindset

In a world where 'being positive' is actively encouraged -where choosing the 'right' behaviours is a minefield and our overall well being is under threat - how easy is it to know if what you are doing, saying, thinking is right - for you?

You can have a useful mindset by learning 'The Useful Principle'. It is a simple and effective way of making in the moment decisions that help you make choices and effect change with ease. 

Discover the key to real emotional intelligence in this fun and interactive session.

"When dealing with people remember, you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion"

Dale Carnegie

2 hour course

Venues and Dates TBC

Maximum 12 places available

Benefits for you

Join us for some Shared Inspiration training and you will learn how to:

  • Become the leader of your own life 

  • Manage your state even more effectively

  • Be even more productive

  • Make small changes that give maximum impact

  • Further develop your self-awareness

  • Understand others even better 

  • Enhance your relationships – personal and professional

  • Accelerate your development 

  • Identify your strengths and making the best use of them

  • Enjoy learning even more – thrive and flourish 

  • Powerfully apply your gifts, skills and talents

  • Realise even greater wisdom and understanding in your own life 

Your Investment

To ensure you make the most of this opportunity, invest in yourself today!


Open 2 hour courses - morning or evening (check our dates above for current courses)


£45 per person - this includes refreshments




Clients find that support provided by Shared Inspiration empowers them to make small changes that give maximum impact.


Tools and techniques shared have been used to impact on individual and organisational growth, including improving communications, confidence, relationships, performance management and effective leadership and management of change.


Not sure what service is right for you? Just get in touch - we'd love to talk to you and help guide you to the perfect option.


A shared vision is not an idea - it is rather a force in people's hearts.

At it's simplest level, a shared vision is the answer to the question

'What do we want to create?'


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